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Please note that effective Jan 1, 2020, Sirius Signal will no longer license or manufacture the model C-1001.

San Diego, CA — Listed below is the USCG 161.013 Manufacturer Approved Equipment List table showing all current and past manufacturers of the SOS distress light which is approved for carriage. Furthermore, Pursuant to 46 CFR 161-013-17 Sirius Signal has complied with its required notification submittal of Model C-1003 (see below).

161.013-17 Manufacturer notification

Each manufacturer certifying lights in accordance with the specifications of this subpart must send written notice to the Commandant (CG-ENG), Attn: Office of Design and Engineering Systems, U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7509, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20593-7509 within 30 days after first certifying them, and send a new notice every five years thereafter as long as it certifies lights.

Sirius Signal Notification Submittal of Model C-1003

Oct 17, 2019
TO: Chief, Lifesaving & Fire Safety Division
US Coast Guard Headquarters
Commandant (CG-ENG-4)
US Coast Guard Stop 7509
2703 Martin Luther King Junior AVE. SE.
Washington, DC  20593-7509

Pursuant to 161.013-17 manufacture notification. Sirius Signal LLC San Diego, California certifies Model SOS C-1003 ALL WHITE SOS to all applicable subparts for 161.013 “Electric Distress Light for Boats.

Furthermore, as per 161.013-11 “Prototype Test” the Sirius Signal Model SOS C-1003 ALL WHITE SOS “Electric Distress Light for Boats” meets or exceeds all performance requirements as per CFR 46 161.013

The Sirius Signal Model SOS C-1001 will no longer be manufactured effective January 1, 2020. Please update the “Manufacturer Approved Equipment List” to reflect these changes.

Respectively yours,

Anthony Covelli
Sirius Signal LLC

Replacement Model C-1003 will be available as a direct replacement for the light you currently carry. A copy of the formal Sirius Signal C-1003 “Letter of Notification” is included in this email. The included table of the “Manufacturer Approved Equipment List” will automatically update each month. Model C-1003 will be added. Those dealers who are listed as “Sirius Signal additional insured” may receive updated certificates indicating the addition of Model C-1003.

C-1001 warranties remain intact and, service parts will be available.

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