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The app is compatible with Android 5.0 and up or IOS 13.0 and up.
On your mobile phone, click on the links below or search for Sirius Signal in the app store.
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C-1002 Application Documentation Video

C-1002 Application Smartphone Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of the Sirius Signal model C-1002 electronic LED flare!
Take time to review the manual before removing the unit from the box. On the lower right-hand side of the label, you’ll find the unit serial number, which you should write down. Now go to and click on Register Device. Once you complete the form and submit it, a product code key will be issued.

Using your mobile device, download the Sirius app from the app store. When prompted, enter your product code key in the mobile app. You’ll be allowed multiple downloads of the Sirius app with the issued product code key. If you’re not the original purchaser, but the Sirius Signal C-1002 SOS eVDSD is part of your boat’s safety equipment, you’ll need to re-register as the new owner of the unit. A small fee is required. Go to Click on Store, then Purchase, and choose a new product code key.

Now that the app is loaded on your mobile device, let’s get the C-1002 set up for Bluetooth connectivity and communication. Select the Check Me tab, then type in an informal Check Me message. This can change every time you go out; for example, today you might say “fishing fine” or “great sunny day getting a tan.” The Check Me feature is an easy one-button touch-and-transmit way of updating your status via SMS and providing your exact position to whomever you choose.

You can import any stored contact from your phone or enter names and numbers manually. A total of five phone numbers can be entered into the Check Me list. They can be changed at any time by simply deleting one or more and then adding new ones.

It’s important to remember that the contacts you import into the Check Me feature also receive float plans, while the SOS emergency contacts do not.

Now, let’s enter a message that could be sent from the emergency SOS assistance section. Remember, SOS emergency assistance can mean different things and be provided by different types of first responders. Review the available first responders in the area you operate your boat and choose suitable messaging. In activating the SOS feature, both a text message and a phone call will be sent to your defined contact callout list. For example, you might enter “This is the Sirius Signal alert and S-O-S notification system.”

Next, let’s start your boat trip by tapping on the Start Trip button. Fill out the float plan, including passenger names, area operating, depart time, arrival time, medical conditions, boat description, and your contact phone. Your float plan is saved, so you only need to enter information that has changed from your last trip. If everything is correct, tap Yes to send the float plan SMS to the contacts from your Check Me list. Your current position will also be sent and shown on Google Maps.

When your trip starts, the Sirius app will let you know it’s following your float plan along with you. When you’ve reached the expected arrival time for the end of the trip, the app checks in on you with notifications and phone calls every 15 minutes to make sure you’ve arrived safely. If you don’t respond within 3 hours, emergency messages with your current location are sent to your emergency contacts.

Now, let’s tap the Check Me button to send a Check Me using the message entered earlier. Remember, this is an SMS message that’s only sent to the contacts on your Check Me list.

Then, tap the SOS button to send an SOS emergency message. Remember, this is an SMS message and a text-to-speech phone call issued only to the contacts on your SOS list.

Finally, the Sirius Signal app has an interactive basic first aid guide that lists several boating-related injuries and quick treatments for them. Just tap on the applicable body part and select the ailment from the list. The app narrates the instruction so you can focus on doing what needs to be done in an emergency situation.