First Responders

US Coast Guard Official Policy Approval for SOS Distress Signals

2018 December 21 Coast Guard eVDSD Policy Acceptance Letter
The above letter is from the Coast Guard which adopts the RTCM Standard 13200.0 for eVDSDs referencing 46 eCFR 161.013

For Agencies That Inspect Boats

Including but not limted to the US Coast Guard, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Power Squadron, Boat US, Vessel Assist, Sea Tow, Law Enforcement
What to Look for to Verify Compliance:

  • Does the eVDSD work?
  • Are the markings on the device legible?
  • Does the device float?

What to Look for on the Water

Our devices replicate a light sequence derived from the recognized marine S.O.S distress signal as shown in the video below. The first light sequence is from the C-1003, and the second two-color sequence is from the C-1002 eVDSD model.