International Flare Bans

Due to their potential use as weapons, marine flare guns have been either banned or are deemed as dangerous as conventional firearms in many countries. In Norway, for example, the 2009 Weapons Act classifies any item that uses a propellant for ejection and may mechanically eject a projectile as a firearm, offering no differentiation between traditional firearms and flare guns.

Likewise, small firearms carry permits are required for carrying flare guns in Germany. These permits are only available to citizens of legal age who demonstrate trustworthiness and pass a mental health background.

A similar pattern is emerging in the United States. As demonstrated in STATE AND FEDERAL BANS, several states have already begun demanding background checks for or otherwise outright banning the use of marine flare guns.

Our Electronic Flare is a safe, USCG-compliant visual distress signal that legally replaces pyrotechnic marine flares on recreational vessels.