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C-1004. Mini, but Mighty!

White & Infrared Light and Aids Rescuers at Night

Powered by a high-performance programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS flash pattern in white along with an alternating infrared SOS flash, our Sirius Signal C-1004 has superior anti-corrosion protection to withstand the rigors at sea and is a complete USCG kit compliance like all of our eVDSDs.

Storage Mount Included

The CSM-1001 Storage Mount is a versatile holder for all of Sirius Signal’s electronic flares that keeps your distress signal within easy reach.

eVDSD Storage Mount

The C-1002 Two Color eVDSD!

The Sirius Signal model C-1002 SOS eVDSD (electronic visual distress signal device) is the first product to be engineered to the new RTCM standard 13200.0 — accepted as equivalent to the current SOS light listed in 46 CFR 161.013 (the single color white SOS).

As a comparison, it would be the difference between a Model T Ford and a car of today.

Two distinct visible colors (orange-red/ cyan) offer increased conspicuity against scattered white background light. A third color infrared (not visible to the naked eye) is included for SAR (search and rescue aircraft) above with high tech night vision goggles. It is so precise in its required timing sequence, it is planned that a satellite in space will be able to pick up the location of a boat.


It’s All About Optics

High-power LEDs

The C-1002 Is Available Now!

With high-power LEDs the C-1002 generates the equivalent of 20-watt light in heat which, through a clever patented heat sink design keeps things cool and running at peak efficiency. The patented optic displays the proper intensity and hemispherical distribution of light required by the specification.

Bluetooth Enabled with an SOS App

The Sirius Signal C-1002 model is Bluetooth-enabled with advanced connectivity and a smart boat-safe phone app. Features include a float plan, “Check Me” feature and SOS function. All send location coordinates via LTE to anyone you choose. The in-app looped speech synthesis first aid guide feature is a first! Boaters can quickly access and begin first aid treatment by selecting an injured body graphic on their mobile device screen (using the Afloat Plan Home app) and listening.

Never Buy Flares Again!™

The Sirius Signal Flagship C-1003

The C-1003 fulfills USCG Night, Day, and audible distress signal requirements. Our new and improved eVDSD SOS C-1003 Beacon is redesigned from our original replacement for pyrotechnic flares, the wildly successful model C-1001 (discontinued).


The C-1003 is a complete compliance kit!

Flag & whistle included

You never have to buy flares again! The C-1003 fulfills all Coast Guard Compliant Visual Distress Signal (VDS) requirements (46 CFR 175.130) for recreational marine vessels 16 FT AND OVER signals when combined with our included Distress Flag.

Family Safe

Powered by a high-performance, programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS flash pattern signal flashed through an even brighter and more potent LED, our Sirius Signal SOS C-1003 model is both family-safe and easy to use. Our groundbreaking optical design provides an omnidirectional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead. Improved flotation now even higher off the water, visible up to 10 nautical miles, the SOS C-1003’s beam lasts for hours compared to the minutes of pyrotechnic flares.