The holidays are coming up fast and most of us are starting to consider our gift options.  What do you get that special boater/sailor in your life?  Do you get them an accessory that may or may not be helpful?  Or, do you get them something that has more significance? Something that could perhaps drastically improve their chances of being noticed when out on the water in case of an emergency.

In the United States, the USCG has certain safety requirements that must be met.  Most boaters will know that among other things they must carry flares on board at all times while out at sea. But, what some boaters are not aware of is that there is an alternative to the traditional pyrotechnic flares.  Electronic flares, or S.O.S. distress lights, are a safer, more user-friendly option, and they ARE approved by the USCG to REPLACE the use of pyrotechnic flares.

What are some of the significant factors that make the use of e-flares a preferable option?

  1. Electronic S.O.S. distress lights, or e-flares, NEVER expire.  Pyrotechnic flares have a 42-month shelf life.  This means that every 3 and a half years these types of flares must be replaced.
  2. E-flares are much more environmentally friendly, here’s why…pyrotechnic flares are composed of some toxic and explosive materials that cannot/should not be disposed of in a garbage can.  These components are also very toxic and dangerous for the environment, yet hundreds of thousands of flares are illegally dumped in landfills or in the oceans every year.
  3. Electronic flares, such as the C-1002 and C-1003 from Sirius Signal, are extremely user friendly.  There is no training or special equipment required to handle these devices.  Just twist the top and you’re good to go.
  4. Pyrotechnic flares, once ignited, will burn for seconds to maybe a few minutes, while Sirius Signal’s e-flares will stay on for HOURS.

Sirius Signal currently carries two electronic flares.  The C-1003 which is a single color light, and the C-1002, the only USCG approved two-color S.O.S. distress light.  Both of these run on batteries and will NEVER expire.  For those on a budget, the C-1003 is the more economic option, but that does not mean Sirius Signal skimped on quality.  This light is sturdily built and would be a valuable addition to any safety kit.

Sirius Signal’s C-1002 two-color light option is more costly but comes with one feature in particular that makes it a cut above anything else you will find on the market.  Sirius Signal has developed an application to accompany this e-flare.  From this application, you can do things like, file a float plan or notify your family of your progress while on a trip, but what is really worth mentioning is that you can also connect to the C-1002 via bluetooth and turn on this light remotely from your smart device in the case of an emergency.

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