What are you thinking of getting that special boater in your life for Father’s Day?  You should consider getting him the flare that NEVER expires.

C-1002 and C-1003 Electronic Flares from Sirius Signal

The C-1003 and C-1002 E-Flares from Sirius Signal are both approved by the USCG to legally replace the use of pyrotechnic flares.  And the best thing is that you don’t need to replace them every 42 months.  Just make sure he checks his batteries once or twice a year and that’s it.

The C-1003 is the single-color electronic LED flare.  It flashes the S.O.S. pattern and is visible for up to 10 miles. It is lightweight and made to float upright if it falls in the water. It flashes USCG spec SOS signal for up to 60 hours, it runs four times longer than USCG requirements. The kit that it comes in includes a daytime distress flag and a quality marine whistle.  So in this one kit, he will comply with the daytime, nighttime, and audible distress signal requirements from the USCG.C-1003 e-flare from Sirius Signal

The C-1002 is the two-color electronic LED flare.  It also floats and comes with a full daytime, nighttime, audible compliance kit as well.  In addition to flashing the S.O.S. pattern in red/orange and cyan colors, it also has an infrared bulb that can be detected by first responders wearing night-vision goggles.  It is required to stay on only 2 hours, but the light can stay on as long as 8 hours.  One of the best features of the light is the smartphone application it comes with.  With this application, you can activate the light via Bluetooth.  Also, you can make a float plan and send it to your trusted friend and family members.  It has a one-touch check me feature, great for notifying loved ones back home while on the water. In case of an emergency, you can instantly notify first responders, towing services, and other designated contacts.

C-1002 e-flare from Sirius Singal

The best feature of both these lights is that they are completely kid-safe and family-friendly.  No training needed to use these at all.  Also, they are a better choice for those environmentally conscious Fathers out there.

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Happy Father’s Day…