Use Instructions C-1002

  1. Register device at — not required for immediate use.
  2. Confirm that the red paddle switch is in the OFF position.
  3. Unscrew red collar — counterclockwise.
  4. Properly install eight CR123 batteries following diagram on the device label. Batteries are included.
  5. Confirm O-ring is in place by aligning board module on top of yellow housing.
  6. Gently turn red collar clockwise to engage. Rotate approximately two and a half times to tighten firmly — do not over tighten.
  7. Direct light away from your eyes. Then, activate the unit by moving the red paddle switch to the ON position.
  8. Confirm the two-color SOS signal flash pattern, Red-Orange/Cyan/Red-Orange
  9. Move the red paddle to the OFF position.
  10. If immediately required, your device can now be operated.
  11. The lanyard must be attached while floating.

*Device will turn on and off manually without the Smartphone application.