The Sirius Signal Story

Sirius Signal is a San Diego-based LLC founded by two mariners, Anthony Covelli and Bob Simons, in 2014.

After 35 years of performing Vessel Safety Checks as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist, Bob Simons knew the most common reason vessels failed the checks was due to expired flares.

Many boaters would even complain to him about the wasted time and money required to dispose of and replace these flares. Looking for a solution, Bob contacted the U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Office and discovered that an electric marine flare would comply with their night distress signal requirements.

However, no one had created an electronic flare.sailing-safe

He decided to take this problem to his friend, Anthony who was the principal at Squadra Nuvolari, an automotive lighting design company. Together the pair set out to create the only legal electric flare that eliminates the need to carry toxic marine flares.

Over a span of 14 months and many prototypes later, they successfully created the patented Sirius Signal SOS Distress Light that we have today.

They are proud to have found a solution to the problem Bob encountered years ago and continue to promote their messages of ‘Legally, never buy flares again’ and ‘safety for life’ to all boaters.