The Tasmanian Maritime Safety Advisory Committee has great news for recreational boaters in Tasmania. They now have the option to use electronic Visual Distress Signals (eVDSDs), which can serve as an alternative to traditional pyrotechnic flares when travelling on coastal waters. The new ruling is specific to coastal waters, which are defined as the waters between the limits of the Australian States and the Northern Territory, and a line three nautical miles seaward from the territorial sea baseline.

Using eVDSDs offers sailors and kayakers an eco-friendly and safer choice when exploring Tasmania’s vast network of waterways. With the introduction of eVDSDs, marine safety officers are optimistic that more people will venture out to explore Tasmania’s unique coastline. However, it’s necessary to carry different equipment if you’re opting for eVDSDs instead of four handheld flares, such as a GPS-enabled ePIRB and VHF radio for rescue communication during the day.

Whether you elect to bring eVDSDs and other equipment or four hand flares, always keep two parachute or rocket flares and be aware of any compliant products by following updates on the MAST website.

C-1003 eVDSD


One Color SOS eVDSD


C-1004 eVDSD close-up


One Color SOS eVDSD + Infrared


C-1002 two-color electronic flare plus infrared


Two Color SOS eVDSD + Infrared