Children Holding Up a C-1003 Electronic Flare

A kid-safe, family-friendly electronic flare

For many boaters, USCG nighttime visual distress signal requirements mean they have to carry some type of flare, and many think the pyrotechnic flare is the only option.  Not so, Billy Joe…

In comes, Sirius Signal’s Electronic LED Flare.  The C-1003 (the updated version of the discontinued C-1001), which is the

single-color LED light version, has been approved by the United States Coast Guard for carriage as a legal replacement to pyrotechnic flares for years.

This innovative light has a programmable microprocessor that controls the flashing S.O.S. pattern.  The improved version is now armed with an even brighter LED and can stay on for an impressive 6 hours or more.  This is a significant 400 times longer than a standard pyrotechnic flare which stays on only a few seconds to maybe a few minutes. Visibility for these Electronic Flares is about 10 nautical miles and the omnidirectional and vertical beam can be seen from all kinds of search crafts.

In the unlikely case that you have to ditch, the new design for the C-1003 enables it to float and sit higher on the water surface.

Quick note: e-flares NEVER expire.  All you have to do is check your batteries on a regular basis and you’re done.  Sit back relax and hope you never need to use it!

C-1003 Electronic Flare from Sirius Signal

C-1003 Electronic Flare from Sirius Signal

What other benefits might there be for buying this light you ask?  Well, let me tell you. Probably the most notable advantage of carrying one of these on your boat or yacht is that they NEVER expireYou buy it one time and done.  I would recommend that you check your batteries at least once a year, but that’s it.

Another benefit would be that this light does not burn at a blazing 2,900°F when you turn it on.  Which means you can safely hand it to any of your passengers without worrying about their safety.  In fact, the little hands holding the light in the picture above are of my two children, and are the family-friendliness of this e-flare is highlighted in this blog post here.


Quick note: did you know Our electronic LED flares, stay on for 6 hours or more at full intensity? All the while flashing the S.O.S. pattern!

C-1003 Electronic Complete Kit

C-1003 Electronic Complete Kit

Also, another great side effect of owning one of these LED visual distress signals is that you are helping keep the hazardous expired pyrotechnic kind out of our waters and landfills.  It may shock you to know that some boaters simply throw their expired flares in the trash or overboard when these no longer have a use for them.  It may also shock you to find out that these types of flares are considered hazardous explosive waste by the USCG once they do expire.

The great thing about buying one these e-flares directly from our store is that you get the complete compliance kit as well.  The whistle, the flag, and the light, which fulfill the USCG night, day and audible distress signal requirements.

Want to know about our other light, the C-1002 which is the ONLY USCG approved two-color e-flare option? Well, check back in a few weeks.  It will be the feature topic of our next blog.  If you want to know when we release another article please like and follow our Facebook Page.  We update our activities on there often.

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