Danielle Doyle

Judy Schink serves as impetus for development of Sirius Signal Watersports Safety Kit

Sirius Signal Safety Kit Dry BagSAN DIEGO, California — April 11, 2023 — Sirius Signal, the leader in marine safety innovations, announced today the launch of a Watersports Safety “dry bag” Kit that contains useful emergency equipment for all watersports activities. A lithium battery-powered model C-1004 SOS eVDSD and floating flashlight, a first aid kit, and other important “should always carry” items to ensure on-water safety are included in the kit. All fit snugly in a custom three-liter dry bag.

A waterproof phone carry bag allows operation of most smartphones right in the sealed pouch. Also included are QR codes allowing the free download of the most powerful and popular Afloat Plan Home app.

“If my husband David would have had this kit, he would have been able to send out the SOS signal when it got dark,” said widow Judy Schink. “The Afloat Plan Home app would have told us he was overdue and where he had been, allowing Search and Rescue to begin earlier and increasing the chance he could have been saved.”

It’s well recognized that most kayak and paddle sport activities start in the daytime with the intention of ending by dark. However, it’s after something goes wrong that nighttime comes into play, according to Steven Caldero, Sirius Signal VP Sales.

“Depending on where kayakers and paddlers go, it’s required by law that they carry visual distress signals,” said Anthony Covelli, Sirius Signal CEO. “It’s just common sense to have a device flashing the USCG-approved and internationally known SOS signal if it’s dark and you’re in trouble.”

About Sirius Signal:
Sirius Signal produces U.S. Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved day and nighttime distress devices with a focus on safety, technology, effectiveness, and sustainability.