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Sirius Signal Announces Next Generation of SOS Distress Light and Updated Distribution

San Diego, CA — Sirius Signal, LLC, designers and engineers of the award-winning SOS Distress Light, best known for its US Coast Guard approved electronic visual distress signal devices, is excited for the next phase of its marine product development and distribution. This includes the upcoming launch of its dual color eVDSD model C-1002 device and the updated C-1003 model, both of which will be manufactured and distributed exclusively by Sirius Signal.

“New SOS eVDSD models C-1002 and C-1003 are currently undergoing testing and certification. This new direction will allow us to more closely manage our retail and distribution opportunities as these next-generation products roll out,” said CEO, Anthony Covelli.

Sirius Signal announces that, as part of this rollout, Sirius Signal will no longer license its technology, and will be the sole manager of all distribution and retailer partnerships. “We thank the Weems & Plath team for the work they put into helping us with our patented SOS Distress Light over the years and we are looking forward to this next step in our business,” said Covelli. With the expiration of Sirius Signal’s patent license agreement with Weems & Plath, Sirius Signal will be the sole manufacturer of its patented SOS Distress Lights.

Ever-focused on development, Sirius Signals’ future generations of its product line will focus on increasing visibility, communications and enhancing the functionality of its devices for recreational boaters in the US. In addition to purchasing through retailers, customers can purchase Sirius Signal products online.

To receive a catalog, learn more about purchasing Sirius Signal products or carrying these products as a retailer, visit us at or call 888.526.0005.

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