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Sirius Signal is launching the BA-1001 battery adaptor model, which enables the use of three single-use AA lithium batteries instead of three C alkaline batteries in their eVDSDs. This innovation not only showcases Sirius Signal’s dedication to reducing environmental impact in marine safety products but also enhances efficiency with advanced battery technology.

BA-1001 Battery Adapter for C-1003 eVDSDSAN DIEGO, California — Oct 17, 2023 — Sirius Signal, designers and engineers of the award-winning SOS eVDSDs, is upgrading its electronic flare offerings to include a newly engineered battery adaptor model (BA-1001) that allows three C alkaline batteries to be replaced with three single use AA lithium batteries. This new offering reflects Sirius Signal’s ongoing commitment to decrease environmental impact through marine safety products—since lithium batteries are considerably less prone to leakage compared to their alkaline counterparts—and is also an effort to provide greater efficiency through improved battery technology.

“The benefits of lithium technology include a higher energy density and lower overall weight,” said Richard Gunderson, Sirius Signal vice president of engineering.

Single-use lithium batteries are safe for use and currently trusted by healthcare professionals in healthcare products such as heart defibrillators and pacemakers, where safety is the main concern. Sirius Signal has redesigned and thoroughly tested the new circuit designs to ensure the performance, brightness and USCG compliance are retained and the highest standards for electronic visual distress devices are maintained.

“This has required some adjustment in our existing platforms,” said Anthony Covelli, Sirius Signal CEO. “Lithium batteries are lighter, so buoyancy, center of gravity and righting moment calculations had to be revised. Ensuring our eVDSDs float upright properly is of utmost importance to us. We wanted to design the top-performing eVDSD in every regard, and I truly believe this is another step in creating a better electronic flare for boaters.”

Sirius Signal’s C-1002 and C-1004 models already exclusively use lithium primary cells. Older C-1001 models and current C-1003 units can use this specially engineered adaptor to upgrade from three C alkaline batteries to three AA lithium batteries. The increased performance gives boaters flexibility in having a multi-type battery platform.

The BA-1001 adaptor is available on Amazon or the Sirius Signal website. These small primary cell batteries are safe to transport by air or ship by mail. The International Air Transportation Association allows a full set of batteries to be carried without restrictions.

“The use of lithium batteries is in keeping with Sirius Signal’s fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability and safety,” said Covelli. “We aim to transition to the least impactful manner of battery usage in all our portable devices.”

Sirius Signal reminds consumers that batteries intended for disposal should be properly recycled.

About Sirius Signal:
Sirius Signal produces U.S. Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved day and nighttime distress devices with a focus on safety, technology, effectiveness, and sustainability.