Wilderness Edge Survival Knife


Fighter Pilots’ Survival Knife/Military in Japan and Poland

As seen on the LOST TV series, the Wilderness Edge™ is the ultimate survival knife and kit. You’ll never worry about getting lost in the woods again because the Wilderness Edge™ includes everything you need to catch and prepare food, start a fire, find your way, see in the dark and signal for help. Perfect for Military, Scouts, preppers, bush crafters, and survivalists — or for anyone who just wants to be prepared! It contains the essential gear to save you from a disaster, it could save your life in an emergency. Includes Eagle Claw® split shot, Norwegian Mustad® fishhooks, US-made flys.

This system is made from the finest rugged & corrosion-resistant materials. The functional wilderness/survival accessories all fit in either the handle or the sheath, a 32-piece multi-function survival system.

This knife is the survival knife issued to Air Force pilots in Japan and Poland.


  • Full tang 10.5″ Knife (6″ blade) with Ripsaw top, 420HC SS, with thumb guards & finger grip
  • LED Splash-Lite submersible flashlight with 20-year lithium battery, stores in handle
  • Fast-release knife sheath; converts to fishing pole with reel
  • 17 pieces — fishing tackle, hooks, swivels, fly, and weights
  • Nail — for punching holes in leather & canvas for lacing
  • Two safety pins
  • Thigh strap — doubles as gear strap
  • Signal mirror with sight
  • Small animal snare
  • Spearhead/arrowhead
  • Liquid-filled compass with lanyard ability slot
  • Magnesium fire starter stick
  • Ceramic knife sharpener rod
  • Survival guide fan card (10 pages)
  • Drilling thumbscrew drills wood and light metal materials
  • Orange display stand not included

Additional Functions

  • Flashlight lens works as a magnifier
  • Fishhook and line can be used as needle and thread
  • Thigh strap can be used as a tourniquet
  • Full tang knife butt can be used for light hammering
  • Available in brown and black low-visibility blades

Proudly made in the USA.
(complies with the “Buy American Act” – may contain imported components)


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