C-1003 SOS Distress Light, Flag, Display Mount & Whistle


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Legally Never Buy Flares Again! Complete compliance kit! Fulfills USCG Night, Day, and audible distress signal requirements.

Compare with two-color C-1002 eVDSD and C-1004

Our new and improved eVDSD SOS C-1003 Beacon is redesigned from our original replacement pyrotechnic flares, the wildly successful model C-1001 (discontinued).

Powered by a high-performance, programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS flash pattern signal flashed through an even brighter and more potent LED, our Sirius Signal SOS C-1003 model is both family-safe and easy to use. Our optical design provides an omnidirectional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead. Improved flotation now even higher off the water, is visible up to 10 nautical miles, and the SOS C-1003’s beam lasts for hours compared to the minutes-long lifespan of traditional pyrotechnic distress.

Fulfills carriage of all Coast Guard Compliant Visual Distress Signal (VDS) requirements (46 CFR 175.130) for recreational marine vessels 16 FT AND OVER signals when combined with our included Distress Flag. (A quality marine whistle is included to fulfill USCG audible signal requirements.)

Finally, a family and environmentally safe replacement for the antiquated pyrotechnic visual distress flare!

Free Shipping with Promo Code XMASJULY

  • Promo includes Display Mount
  • Flashes USCG spec SOS signal for up to 60 hours
  • Runs four times longer than USCG requirements
  • Daytime orange distress flag included to fulfill daytime signal requirement
  • Quality marine whistle included to comply with USCG audible signal requirements
  • LED power: 75 candelas
  • Switch design: self-cleaning twist-on
  • Accidental switch activation protection
  • Requires 3-C alkaline batteries — included
  • Batteries user replaceable
  • Lanyard included
  • CE (European Union compliant) RoHS compliant
  • 4″ x 4″ x 8.5″ (height)
  • Weight without batteries: 0.41 lbs
  • Weight with batteries: 0.8 lbs
  • Shipping weight (with packaging): 1.7 lbs
  • SKU: SSDC1003-W
  • US Patents
  • UPC: 852110006355



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