C-1002 Electronic Flare from Sirius SignalAre your pyrotechnic flares expiring soon?  Are you searching for an alternative that is approved by the USCG?  Or do you just want to start off the right way with the best option to fulfill the USCG nighttime distress signal safety requirement?  Well, look no further. The C-1002 two-color Electronic LED Flare from Sirius Signal fulfills all those safety requirements from the USCG.  Built to the new RTCM standard, the C-1002 e-flare from Sirius Signal is a wonderful alternative to regular flares, if only because these NEVER expire.

The C-1002 has some pretty cool features too that make it a much better option.  Most flares only last a few seconds to a couple of minutes when lit.  The Sirius Signal e-flares are built to stay on for 2 HOURS or more.  If ever you need to use them, 2 hours gives you a significantly longer amount of time to signal for help.  The other really great thing about these lights is not just the amount of time they stay on, but that they flash the universally recognized S.O.S. pattern.  The C-1002 in particular will flash that pattern in alternating red/orange and cyan colors, making it more easily distinguishable against city lights if you are closer to shore.

Quick Note: Be at ease knowing that your electronic flare from Sirius Signal will flash the S.O.S pattern for a significantly longer amount of time than a pyrotechnic flare that only burns for a minute or so…

In addition to flashing the two colors, the light is also equipped with some infrared LEDs that are visible to nighttime search crafts.

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This is an amazingly forward-thinking addition to the e-flare.  Any flying search craft first responders wearing night-vision goggles can pick up the distress signal in the air at night.  This feature gives you an obvious advantage over pyrotechnic flares when your emergency happens after dark.

Here are some other notable features of the C-1002 light:

  • The light is built to float upright in the water
  • The switch is self-cleaning – with accidental switch activation protection
  • The kit comes complete with a daytime flag and whistle to fulfill the daytime and audible safety requirements of the USCG
  • It is also Bluetooth enabled

Now, some of you may be asking why would the light have Bluetooth connectivity capability?  Sirius Signal has built a paid smartphone application, that comes free with the purchase of the C-1002 that integrates with the light.  This application has many benefits independently, but when it comes to the light, in the case of an emergency you can switch the light on from your smartphone if you have the light set to the Bluetooth setting.

From this application, you can create float plans that you can then share with loved ones or any trusted party.  It has a one-touch check me feature to check in with those you care about when you are on the water or anywhere inaccessible.  And when you do activate the light using the application, first responders, towing services, and any other contacts of choice are immediately notified of your emergency.

Electronic LED Flares From Sirius Signal

USCG approved alternative to pyrotechnic flares

Probably the features I love most about the Sirius Signal lights, though, are that they are more environmentally friendly than pyrotechnic flares and that these lights are 100% kid/family/inexperienced user friendly.

C-1003 E-Flare Handled by a Child

C-1003 E-Flare Handled by a Child

Most people don’t know that expired pyrotechnic flares are classified as “explosive hazardous waste” according to the USCG Auxiliary of

Quick Note: holding a pyrotechnic flare is akin to holding a firework in your hand while you wait for help to come

Annapolis.  In fact, there are very few options for disposal once they do expire.  Quite a few boaters will probably admit to either storing expired flares in their garage, which is risky in itself, but some boaters even admit to throwing unused expired flares in the trash.  Now, not only is this illegal, but it is also hazardous to the environment.  Several of the ingredients used to make pyrotechnic flares are toxic to the environment and to humans. See our blog on this subject here.

Speaking to the family-friendly nature of these lights; they can easily and safely be used by persons of any age and any experience level.  Not so with pyrotechnic flares.  Some flares have been measured to burn at a molten 2,900°F. I wouldn’t feel comfortable, under any circumstance, giving one of those things to my son, daughter, or untrained loved one to hold.

If you think this light would be a great addition to your safety kit, please visit our store.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below.  We love to hear from our customers.