Do you have any concerns about how to reach your family in case something goes wrong while on your boat?  Well, it may help to understand something first…What are the ways most often used to call for help in case of an emergency when one is out on the water?

VHF radio call boat to boat

VHF radio call boat to shore

Cell phone call or messaging

Satellite phone call

EPIRB using the satellite constellation

It may surprise some boaters to know that less than 1% of calls the USCG responds to result from an aerial flare being seen and/or reported. Yet, many boaters continue to buy pyrotechnic flares that expire every 42 months.  Sirius Signal has developed two products that can help keep you safe, ease the drain on your pocket, and keep your family informed of your progress while out on your boat, all while being very untrained-user friendly.

When you purchase Sirius Signals’ C-1002, the only USCG approved two-color S.O.S. visual distress signal electronic flare, you can put your pyrotechnic flare buying days behind you.  One of the best features of this light is that it NEVER expires.  For those who have kids or untrained friends and family on board, you can also rest easy knowing that this light is very safe to use.  No formal training or special equipment is required to operate or hold the light while it is on.

Another great feature of the light is the application developed by Sirius Signal to accompany it and boost functionality. Access to the application is free with the purchase of your C-1002. It is available in Google Play or the Apple App Store.


For the moment it is necessary to purchase a C-1002 to get the application, and when you do have the e-flare as part of your safety equipment, you can use this application to remotely turn the light on/off via Bluetooth using your cell phone or smartwatch.

Some of the other fantastic features of the application include:

Being able to file a float plan and send it to your designated contacts

A “Check Me” feature that allows you to send out your status in the form of a customizable text message and your Google maps supported location to your designated contacts

S.O.S. emergency messaging that allows you to send a distress text message to your preprogrammed first responders, such as the Coast Guard or a towing service, with Google supported map position

A basic first aid guide, to help you deal with many boating-related injuries or medical emergencies

The application will check on you every 15 minutes, with notifications and phone calls,  after your planned arrival time to make sure you get back safely (a message is sent to your emergency contacts with your location if you do not respond within 3 hours of expected arrival time)

You can check the battery life for your C-1002 from the application

Did we also mention that the app can be used to turn your C-1002 on/off remotely via Bluetooth?


With so many wonderful options for how to use this application, it would be silly not to take advantage of this free download if you’ve bought the C-1002 electronic flare from Sirius Signal.  Simply register your light through the Sirius website and wait for your email containing your product code for the application. Sometimes the product code actually pops up on your screen after you hit the

Promo Code for C-1002 e-flare

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submit button.

Once you receive your product code, plug that into the application, and start using it.  You can use your one product code to activate the downloaded app on up to 5 devices.

This application would benefit any boater going for a ride on their boat.  Staying connected with those you care for most while also being able to enjoy your time on the water is in many ways priceless.  The convenient features of the Sirius Signal application will enable you to be more at peace while passing time away from your loved ones.  Knowing that help is just a tap of a button away is liberating, freeing you to apply yourself to building the best memories possible doing something you love.

If you have any questions about the application, the C-1002 electronic flare, or any of our other products, please feel free to contact us at or call us toll free 888.526.0005.