The Power of NASBLA

By Taylor Matsko

As an association supporting implementation of recreational boating safety and our state and territorial members, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) is often called upon to wear many hats across the nation’s maritime community.

As NASBLA members and industry supporters watched hurricane Ida bare down on the Gulf Coast, one of NASBLA’s associate members reached out with an offer of assistance. Anthony Covelli and Steve Caldero from Sirius Signal, active members on the NASBLA Enforcement and Training Committee, contacted NASBLA on Saturday, August 28th with an offer to provide rescuers with specialized lights to aid in search and recovery efforts. NASBLA staff quickly distributed that offer out to its membership contacts.

To help locate those in need once the storm passed, Sirius Signal staff prepared 100 units complete with batteries and attached instruction cards to be sent to Louisiana. The SOS light can run in excess of 60 hours, and trained rescuers know the SOS nighttime signal and can mark their location quickly. To those stranded on the rooftops in total darkness, the light reaches out, giving hope that help is coming soon.

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