Danielle Doyle

June deadline to replace pyrotechnic flares with electronic distress signals nears

SAN DIEGO, California — March 31, 2022 —— Sirius Signal, the leader in marine safety innovations, announced today it is hopeful a recent U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary policy regarding the removal of day/night pyrotechnic flares from search and rescue aircraft is a sign their complete removal from planes and boats is coming. Coast Guard-approved electronic visual distress signaling devices (eVSDSs) will replace all flares on U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary search and rescue aircraft by June 2022.

“It’s well recognized that the use of flares is steeped in antiquity,” said Anthony Covelli, Sirius Signal CEO. “They are inherently unsafe and ineffective as well as an environmental disaster.”

Sirius Signal manufactures a single-color eVDSD, the C-1003, and the only USCG approved two-color eVDSD, the C-1002. Both products are the only eVDSDs made in America.

The C-1002 flashes the internationally known SOS distress signal — three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes — using a two-color plus infrared SOS flash pattern (red/orange and cyan) that has been found more effective against shoreline background light clutter, according to studies conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center.
The C-1003 also flashes the internationally known SOS distress signal using a single-color (white) SOS flash pattern.
The C-1002 and C-1003 are available for purchase on the Sirius Signal website, and on, as well as at premier marine retailers.

About Sirius Signal:
Sirius Signal produces U.S. Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved day and nighttime distress devices with a focus on safety, technology, effectiveness, and sustainability. To learn more about purchasing Sirius Signal devices or being a part of our team, visit us at or call 888.526.0005.