Stay Safe, Stay Seen. US Coast Guard Approved Replacement for Flares

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An environmentally-friendly alternative to flares — the Sirius Signal SOS C-1003 eVDSD is both family-safe and easy-to-use. It’s powered by a potent, high-performance LED light that flashes an SOS distress signal — visible for miles. Compare models

Simply use the promo code CGAUX15 at checkout.



2-color electronic flare for boatsThe Sirius Signal C-1002, two-color electronic Visual Distress Device, (eVDSD) is the world’s first marine safety electronic flare to meet the new USCG safety standard. The C-1002 is five times brighter than any approved device on the market — incorporating 13 LEDs. The C-1002 includes the Sirius Signal App for iOS & Android cell phones, taking boating safety to a new level using LTE service. Compare models

Included functions are:

  • Float plan notification
  • One-touch Check Me, during trips
  • Instantaneous SOS notification and location to first responders, towing services and other designated contacts