Danielle Doyle

New model features improved brightness, floatation, more

SAN DIEGO, California — August 14, 2022 —— Sirius Signal, the leader in marine safety innovations, announced today that its latest next-generation electronic visual distress signaling device (eVDSD) — the C-1004 SOS eVDSD — is available to boaters around the world. Featuring infrared and white light, the SOS distress light is a legal replacement for pyrotechnic flares.

“It’s long puzzled me why flares, which are inherently unsafe and an environmental disaster, are still being used by boaters,” said Anthony Covelli, Sirius Signal CEO. “The C-1004 offers a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly alternative.”

The American-made C-1004 flashes the internationally known SOS distress signal — three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes, using a one-color white LED plus an infrared SOS flash pattern that is more visible to aerial assets.

The C-1004 has superior anti-corrosion protection to withstand the rigors at sea and its maintenance-free user-serviceable lithium batteries have a shelf life of 10 years. The new model is the smallest and lightest choice accepted for legal U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) carriage. Also included with purchase is the Sirius Signal app, which takes boating safety to a new level using LTE service, as well as a daytime distress flag and signal whistle to complete the compliance kit that meets USCG requirements.

The C-1004 also comes equipped with the Sirius Signal universal mount, the CSM-1001, which can be used with all Sirius Signal eVDSDs.

The C-1004 eVDSD is available on the Sirius Signal website and on, as well as at premier marine retailers.

About Sirius Signal:
Sirius Signal produces U.S. Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved day and nighttime distress devices with a focus on safety, technology, effectiveness, and sustainability. To learn more about purchasing Sirius Signal devices or being a part of our team, visit us at or call 888.526.0005.