C-1002 Quick Start Guide

C-1002 eVDSD instructions diagram

Sirius Signal Model C-1002 SOS eVDSD

  1. Register device — not required for immediate use.
  2. Confirm that the red paddle switch is in the OFF position. off symbol
  3. Unscrew red collar — counterclockwise.
  4. Lift collar straight up until module components clear housing.
  5. Properly install eight CR123 batteries following diagram on device label. Batteries are included.
  6. Hold unit with label facing you. Check O-ring on top of body then carefully align the module to go back inside the housing. Take note of hole in PC board. Reinstall making certain the hole goes over the red rotor shaft.
  7. Advance collar slightly to engage threads. Do not CROSS THREAD.
  8. Slowly turn collar while gently rotating and pushing optic downward until it locks into place. Continue tightening collar until it stops against float. Fully tightened, the raised bump should be well past 3 o’clock.
  9. Direct light away from your eyes. Then, activate the unit by moving the red paddle switch to the ON position fully past two clicks to the right. On symbol
  10. Confirm the two-color SOS signal flash pattern, Red-Orange/Cyan/Red-Orange
  11. Move the red paddle to the OFF position. off symbol
  12. If immediately required, your device can now be operated.
  13. Lanyard must be attached while floating.

Device will turn on and off manually without the Smartphone application. To use all of the features of the Sirius Signal Alert and Notification Marine Safety smartphone application, click here.

C-1002 Troubleshoot Light Switch image