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Supplemental Alert System

Sirius Signal announces the development of a new product, the Supplemental Alert System. The technology is an adaptation of a standard marine mastlight that incorporates the functionality of the C-1002 eVDSD two-color SOS beacon. The C-1002 is a US Coast Guard replacement for pyrotechnic flares that is five times brighter than any other approved device on the market — incorporating 13 LEDs.

The SAS mastlight is controlled by a simple toggle switch that goes between a navigation/mooring light and the C-1002 red-orange-cyan distress signal that flashes an SOS pattern with an IR component.

We are pleased at the level of interest in the SAS system. We are in discussions with retail partners and boat manufacturers. We envision this being sold as an OEM options on new boats.

For more information, please contact Steve Caldero at

Unveiling of SAS technology
Red-orange cyan mastlight with distress signal
SAS cyan mastlight