Children Holding Up a C-1003 Electronic Flare

A kid-safe, family-friendly electronic flare

Though the Sirius Signal electronic flare was originally created with mariners in mind, there are some very practical alternative uses for the S.O.S. LED light.

Adding the e-flare to any essential tool and safety kits for sailors, hikers, campers, off-roaders, skiers, backpackers, or anyone who loves to travel off the beaten path, will give you an edge in case of a nighttime emergency.

Let’s say you and a companion decide to go for a hike on a new untested trail.  You pack your bag with bottled water, of course, a knife, some food, maybe a flashlight and other essentials, and you take off.  Both of you are excited about the challenge of this new trail.  You are anticipating some wonderful scenery, a great opportunity to observe nature, and a great bunch of memories to add to your archives. You both make sure your loved ones know where you’re going, and when to expect you back, then you take off.

While on the trail you both are not disappointed.  The majesty of nature captures you completely.  You walk and hike, climb and descend, lead and follow, enjoying every single second, not realizing you’ve lost your way. At some point, it’s time to turn back toward your car if you are going to make it back Alternative Uses for Electronic Flare Infographicin time to notify your families of your impending return. But wait! Where are you?  Where is the way back?  You’re lost? No, You can’t be lost!  Neither of you panic because this has happened before.  You both stop and think, trying to decipher what has gone wrong.  What wrong turn did you take?  Where and when did you take it?

After several moments of trying to figure things out, you and your friend determine that you are indeed LOST! Worse yet, your phones don’t work, there is no cell signal.  What are you going to do? It’s getting darker by the minute, your families will soon realize you have missed your check-in by more than just a little while.  At least they know where you intended to go, but this place is HUGE and really at this point, you could be anywhere between here and there.

Hold on don’t freak out…your friend has something that could help.  He made a recent purchase, having just this type of situation in mind.  He had heard of a little LED light that flashes the S.O.S. pattern for up to 60 hours and thought it would be an excellent addition to his safety kit.  So he bought one, and wouldn’t you know, he brought it along.  Best news of all, his family is aware of his purchase and that he had taken it with him on this hike.

What happens next?  Your friend suggests you find a spot with a sufficiently clear line of sight for possible search crafts. He pulls out his Electronic Flare and easily twists the top.  The light turns on and starts to flash the S.O.S. pattern.  You and your friend then stay put and wait, as he explains the light is visible for up to 10 miles and his family has instructions to let first responders know that he has one.  This way, they can search for the lost duo at night too.  You suddenly relax, not having realized that you had been secretly holding your breath and tensed like a tightrope for the past half hour.

And wouldn’t you know it, help locates you within the next couple hours and you are both on your way home before your kids have time to miss you.

This scenario, though not common, is a real possibility when some adventurous types get a little too adventurous.  But, the Sirius Signal Electronic Flare is not only a great lightweight addition to a variety of outdoorsmen’s safety packs.  It could also benefit those who live in natural disaster zones, such as flood zones. Having one of these handy little lights could save your life in one of these situations as well.

Electronic LED Flares From Sirius Signal

USCG approved alternative to pyrotechnic flares

Many of us have seen the live news feeds of people sitting on their roofs waiting for rescuers while the waters rise around them during a heavy flood.  Often times those people do not get rescued the first day but have to brave the night while hanging on to hope that they will still be there when help finally arrives.  Rescuers sometimes have to stop searching at night because they are unable to see anything or anyone to save.

The LED light from Sirius Signal, flashing that universal emergency S.O.S. pattern would certainly help get you rescued when circumstances would normally deem it impossible.

So what do you think? What other emergency situation could you see this light getting you out of? Will this light getting your life saved make it worth the investment?

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Where can you get one?

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